Relatives/ lovers of housemates to ENTER the Bigg Boss 13 house

The creators of Bigg Boss 13 are doing everything to attract viewers. Out-of-home firearms with competitor interviews. And also the home of disputes that have become an agenda of national concern. Persistent violence in the home, abuse and abuse of power are something we see on the screen every day.

Now the makers have thought of more fireworks and, well, their idea is fantastic. According to the latest echo, the news is that the relatives of the housemates will enter the house and open their hearts, causing the housemates to become angry.

Here are the relatives who are most likely to enter the house:

Expert Sharma – Most moms

Sadhrtha Shukla. Mother

Silk Desai. Mother or brother Goreau, most of the mother

Asim Riaz Brother Omar or father, mostly brother

Aarti Singh brother in law
Kashmir or brother Krishna

Sheafali jarwala Husband parag

Pars Chhabra – Girlfriend Akanshapur

Shahnaz Gul – Father Santok Singh or brother

Will you be waiting for the explosion? Tell us?

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