Madhurima Tuli PAID A HEFTY PRICE for hitting Vishal Aditya SIngh with a frying pan

The Big Boss house is getting hotter with each passing day. The fight between domestic allies is shocking to the extent that we have not yet witnessed a contest slapping or abusing the competition this year, we have seen someone beaten repeatedly by a frying pan.

Yes, you're right, we're talking about someone other than Madorima Tully and his ex-giant Aditya Singh, who recently got into a fight and have turned ugly. It happened that Madhurima called Vishal "Bahinji" and then Vishal threw water on his face. Madhurima became so enraged that she kept hitting the giant for a long time. The Big Boss had to intervene to prevent this from happening.

And Bigg Boss simply didn't allow his theory to be violated. As we know it is a family week on Bigg Boss 13 and Madhurima has to pay the price for not welcoming his mother to the show. His mother was supposed to enter the BB House today, but the channel told her that her admission had been canceled.

Heavy price to pay for anger, right?

The post Madhurima Tuli paid a hefty price for hitting Aditya Singh from the frying pan.

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