Bigg Boss 13 to get an EXTENSION once again?

This Big Boss season has become the longest season in Big Boss history. Yes, the show got a five-week extension in December, and it was decided that the housemates would stay indoors until February 16.

According to the regular schedule, the Big Boss final takes place in January, but this time it looks like the contestants are extending their stay by the end of February. Yes, you heard that right. According to the latest reports, the show will now end February 28th instead of February 16th.

With the growing popularity of the season, the makers reached that decision. However, matters are still pending and the extension is not yet in stone. According to a well-known tabloid, the makers have contacted Salman Khan and are awaiting confirmation for a re-expansion this season.

Are you excited to see BB13 a little more time?

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