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Weekend KA VAAR

The incident started with all of them talking about the nomination, then we can see that they have done something, I think Sana must have been hurt but she should not have reacted too much. Was. She says she is losing her respect because of them but let me assure her that she has been doing this since day 1. I also told her during the first job where she was telling herself silk that she was up at the hospital while she was on task. No one was under pressure, so why was she doing it? When she saw Hamanashi, she was acting crazy because it was more of her fault and she was afraid that people would stop liking her because her acting would be useless. People need to understand at least now because Suleiman also said that he has a lot of passion which is not good for Syed and I agree with Paras for the first time, he is not saved. And in the promo it's horrible that he is saying that I love you, I would have crawled in his place.

Now I will tell that since Sana is doing all this and she is a girl no one is saying anything now but you yourself think that whatever is happening seems like she is killing him and loving him. Forced to do If that were the case with Sana'a, then everyone would start hating her and they would say how he can do this to the girl. He doesn't want to hurt Sana, so he wants to stay away and I felt this for a week.

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