Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Paras, Asim and Mahira get a strict punishment

Big Boss January 13, 2020 Written Episode, Updated Updates on

Day 101
8 o'clock
The prisoner is the one you woke up to sing. They all dance.

9:15 pm
Syed is massaging Sana's head. Sana says it would be a bad thing if you didn't talk to me, when you left I got acid and I started again, I saw you didn't sleep last night, they told me. Said they avoid you but I can't survive as I have feelings for you. Sid ignored it.

9:45 am
Sana asked Madhu to sit down with her. I have to work in front of Syed, I get happy and then I have to be sad in front of him. If he sees me happy, he won't talk to me. Madhu says you have to work for the camera. Sana says it's not for the camera but for her. I would lose my self-respect in front of the camera, people would think I was in love. Madhu says it's true. Sana does not say such a thing. Madhu says you do not lie to me. Sana says it has broken my heart, but some have given relief to others.

10:15 am
Silky asks Sana not she talking to him? Sana says how to relieve her? He's not talking to me. Silky says: How do I know? I used to fight it a lot. Sana says how do you please her and talk to her back? Reshmi says I do not offend people, we have a different equation so don't talk about us. Respect yourself, you have a difference because he will not like your child's activities so ask him if he is comfortable or not.

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