Bigg Boss 13 4th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Kajol and Ajay’s entry in the house

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Weekend specials
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. They say the prisoners have made him miserable for everyone. They look very unhappy, they will not change and will think that others are doing everything else for the footage. We gave them a task that made the audience want to see more in the 60-minute episode.

At home, the prisoners mutually decide that the audience will watch Sana for 30 minutes. Let's take the name of Parsaid next. Asim took his name. Experts say we are not choosing your name. Asim says you want me to say yes to everything in the name of Syed? Sid leaves. Asim says I have the right to take my name. Sayed takes the name of Pars and Asim for 15 minutes of footage. Pars says no one wants to see Asim fighting for 15 minutes. As the giant says, Parse knows everything. Pars argued with him and said, go ahead. Bigga took the name of Syed. Madhu says Sid and Sana have a love story, I mean friendship. Rashmi took the name of Asim. Sana took the name of Asim and Syed. The expert took the name of Syed. They give 15 minutes to Sayed. The parse takes the giant's name for 7 minutes. Vishal took the name of Rashmi. Asim took the name of Rashmi and Vishal. Reshmi says Vishal since he is the father of Paras in the show. Pars says don't use my father in this. Asim says she is not scolding your father. Reshmi says I did not say it in a bad way. Giant is playing well. Parse takes the name of Rashmi. Sana took the name of Rashmi. Reshmi says Aarti is there for 5 minutes. Asim took the name of Persia. Paras Ashim's name takes 5 minutes and 3 minutes for Rashmi as she is always on the last Monday. Bagga gives herself 5 minutes. Gives 5 minutes to the giant specialist. Gives 5 minutes to sud pars. They set Aarti's name for 5 minutes. Expert for 3 minutes Bigga says I do not agree with the expert's name. Asim says the majority has taken the name of the specialist.

On stage:
Salman connects the call to the house and watches everyone in the house. They say they have lost weight but they act as if they have no food. While listening to Salman, Reshmi asks Sana if she is afraid of Sid. Salman called everyone in the room. They wish him a Happy New Year. Salman says it was an easy task but you guys have individuals. Aarti says Begga wanted a 5-minute slot. They didn't want to settle down for 15 minutes. Salman asked if he thought he should look more than Rashmi. What world are you living in? He asks Rashmi why he didn't take the stand. Salman says the giant is in a 7-minute slot. Didn't you guys name Parse and Asim? Shouldn't it be 30 minutes? Pars says I don't think so. Salman says I did not ask you. He asks Rashmi if she doesn't think it should be 30 minutes? She says I do but they were fighting. Salman says you guys fight for the little things, one or two people will fight. If you guys agreed, I'd say fight for your rights, everybody laughs. Salman says you guys called Asim Kirby and Asim called Sud's father Kirby, you know where he is? Asim says he is no more, I am sorry, he calls Said sorry. Salman says it's not fun. Stay away from people who don't go with you. Rohit came home and said if anyone from outside asked me why I would apologize to him. Asim says I did not say that. Sid says I was embarrassed and I became emotional. Asim said he didn't really regret it. Salman says Asim you said, do you not respect any senior person in the industry? You said that Rohit's words don't matter? Asim says that Syed sends me a curse. Salman says once this is done after the apology. Sid says I apologized to him but he started cursing me again. Asim says he called me a crabby. He keeps scolding my father. Sid says he started abusing my family so I called him back. He keeps yelling at me. Salman asked to talk to Sid. Asim says he started calling me Krababi. Salman says this is not a curse. Shefali Zari says that Asim continued to scold me. Salman tells Asim that you look troubled, you are swallowing. He says that silk thinks we don't show anything about Sid. You two have said many words. Syed tells me? Reshmi says I have completely avoided it. Salman asks Asim what did Saad say about Rashmi? Asim says yes, he used to say that Rashmi would apply butter. "Asim told me that she does sports and everything for her," Sood says. He used to call it negative and everything. Asim says that I later became friends with Rashmi. Salman told Syed that your friendship was, it should not come out. Reshmi says the equation of this house changes, the people who hate Sid are his friends. Salman says that both of you are blaming the cameramen that we do not show your good side. Silky says I'm sorry. Salman says that I should tell you something external because I was worried. I came home too, do you think we did not remove Arhan because of the votes? If you think we are showing you in a negative light, you can leave now. Silk says ordinary things aren't happening. Salman says if you think we are showing Sid good direction just to get out of there. He asks Big Boss to open the door to the house. They do it. Silky says I'm not giving up this way. Reshmi says Sayed says things. Salman told Syed that you curse the family, you should cross your limits in the fight, seek my advice and do not do so, your real personality comes out of anger. We fight too, but nobody talks about such families. Is this your new year? Do you think I like to do this? He ended the call.

In the house:
Rashmi tells Asim that he should not talk about Syed.
Asim Syed came and said that I am a person who remembered your father's birthday. Sayed yes, but then you are gone. Asim says I am really sorry. Sid says this was the last time you did that. Asim says we can play our game. Sid says okay. Asim says I have respected you from the beginning, I do not want you to curse me. He shook his hand and went away. Sid says they will do it again.

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