Bigg Boss 13 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sid gets angry on Rashami’s allegations

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Special on Saturday
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. They say it will be the last day for a designated prisoner. Salman welcomes Divolina on stage. She congratulates him on his birthday. Salman asked what is his theory now? "I can see both sides now. If I talk about Sid, I thought he didn't respect women and he didn't have a heart, but now I think he just needs friends. Need For Silkie, I think she's not able to share her heart, she's losing her way. Davo says I'll go in and say things I want to say. Salman dismisses him.

Dave entered the house. Everyone is excited to see it. Silk hugged her in surprise. Giant kisses his hand. Everyone hugged him. Sid hugged him and asked how he is? She says I'm fine and smiles. Dave says I can't be here as a contest, but I attend my talk show. She sits with them and says that first I want to call my BFF Rashmi. Silk kisses her cheek. Diu says Arhan hid a great secret and you easily forgave him, how? Did you know about it before? Reshmi says I told her that if you were here you would not forgive her. Dave says I wash it without soap. Reshmi says he said she was divorced and will give evidence when he is out of the house. Dave says then you suggested it in two days? Even Salman, your brother and Kamiya tell you these things, you get away, you want to keep Arhaan above everyone else, you are not listening to anyone. Reshmi says I thought about it, I didn't want to see his face but I can't forget what he did to me, I stopped things and after this show Clean things up I suspect people are blinded by love, Dave says. Reshmi says I am afraid of your attachments too, I do not like it. "My next question is when Arhan was not in the house, your relationship with Sid was going on a good note, but when he re-entered, it broke and he came back," Dave said. Are you influenced by desire? Reshmi says I can never be friends with Syed. Daewoo hugged him.
Daewoo calls Sana the next. She says what do you think is fun? Sana says I enjoy being here so I am an entrepreneur. You do not look happy these days, Dave says. Sana says if I am happy everyone will be happy with me, if Sid is happy with me then I am happy. Dave tells Said to keep him happy. She asks if she will continue to return to the end? Sana says I'm just like that, people are taking me easy so I'm getting into the game and it won't be nice for them. Dave gives him a badge and hugs him.

The next time Davao calls Parse. She also calls the specialist. She asks them you always answer for expert, she is not playing with her mind, do you think she is a strong contender? Pars says yes, she was playing well for Sana in the final act. Expert says can I answer? Dave says no he always answers for you. If it is strong then why do you control it like a remote control, it is not showing its strategy. Experts say our opinion is different. Dave says the expert's opinion was not shown from outside.
Dave calls the next Syed. She smiles at him and asks how is she? He looked at her and said I'm smiling now. Dave says keep smiling, we keep looking for him. Daewoo gives him two 'OMG' badges. Everyone laughs. Daewoo asked them to take care of Said, Rashmi also make you happy. Silky says I will. Daewoo hugged everyone and went. Cries of silk. Arhan stopped him and wiped away tears. Reshmi says she is my friend, I love her.
Bigga asks Sana why he said that Sid wants to make her happy. Sana says I need attention, so am I.

On stage:
Gothi comes to the stage and tells Salman that our MMS was leaked. Plays with a funny MMS Gothi who also plays as Salman. Salman laughed at her. She makes fun of Gothi and leaves.

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