Bigg Boss 13 28th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohit Shetty gives some sense to Sid and Asim

Written Episode of Big Boss 13 28 December 2019, updated on BiggBoss13Episode.Net

Day 91
8 o'clock
Prisoners Wake Up The Baby Has A Boss They all dance and wish Salman a happy birthday.

9:15 pm
Pars tells Sid that Arhan's groceries are hidden. He takes Sana and shows her the hidden things. Sana takes it and hides it under the luggage.

Sana asks Arhan to have breakfast. Arhan told Persia that you guys don't decide how many loaves to make. Paras says that if you ask them to make 2 loaves, people die. Arhan says I am not your servant. Asim says we asked everyone and they do not want to eat fast, we do not even have flour. Pars says don't favor me Arhan, don't make rot. Arhan tells her to get lost.

5:15 pm
Vishal tells Sana that they are not cleaning the washroom. Sana says it was Asim's duty, he is not ready to do so. Aarti says do it. Vishal says it is very dirty. Sana says I will clean it. Vishal says ask them to do this, you have paid the duties. Sana says nobody is doing, Asim's hand is broken too. Pars is performing three duties. The giant says then punish them, it's not clear. Persim says Asim had to do this. Asam will clean the washroom, Sana says. Asim tells her that I cleaned the washroom. Sana says this is a giant problem. Asim says listen to me, I cleaned the bedroom. Sana says you will not clean the bedroom, you will clean the toilet. Aarti tells Asim that you can do gym work but you cannot clean because of your arms. Sana says no one is performing the duties. Arhan embraced her.

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