Bigg Boss 13 27th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sana has a difficult day as a captain

Written Episode of Big Boss 13 December 27, 2019, Updated Updates on

Day 89
4 o'clock
Giant is trying to sleep but he feels something and wakes up. He tells the prisoners that there is something here. Asim told him to be quiet. Vishal says there is something nearby. Sana says we are all here, not scared. Vishal says the gate was also making noise. Madhu says my body was shaking. Vishal says I felt something hitting the door. I can't sleep like that.

Day 90
8 o'clock
The prisoners awaken the song while awake. Sana awakens everyone and asks them to dance. She dances with Aarti and Bigga. The song is from Sana. Sid hugs him and says it's a great song. Thanks Sana Big Boss

Paras tells the giant what happened? Vishal says someone was trying to get close to me, I came to you and awakened everyone. I saw everybody worried, somebody came to see me, this old man and he did something, I saw a black thing in a dream and I tried to wake up but I could not do it. Pars told me that he had seen something before. When I returned home, there was a woman sitting in a corner. Sid Pars asks what happened to him? Pars says I had to go to the washroom with dread. Sid laughed.

9 o'clock in the morning
Sana asked Vishal and Madhu to wash the dishes, they agreed. Reshmi asked who is doing the toilet? Sana asked Asim what would she do? I will help you Asim says I am cleaning the bedroom. Sana says Syed does. Asim says I have never seen him doing so. Asad tells Asim not to talk to him, Asim says we are taking, get lost. Sid says don't talk to me like that, I'll kick you and throw you. Asim asked the lost man, the cheap man. Sid told her to be quiet, you don't know me. we will talk later. Asim says you are barking, I will show you only once, you are nothing, you are cowardly. Sid says okay. Sana asked Sid to make a residential area. Asim says that Asim is *****, he is gone. Asim says I am cleaning the residence and the bedroom, I will not do the toilet. Sana says OK, Asim is gone. Pars asks Sana to let him clean the toilet. Sana says he is cleaning both areas. Pars says that you have given the residential area to Syed, so why change it? Aarti tells Asim that you do not work at home. Asim says I work even when I am ill. Aarti says you can lift dumbbells but you have pain in your hand? Pars asks Asim why he is doing his duty. Sana says Arhan and Rashmi will clean the washroom.

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