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Weekend special continues
Salman connects call to home. They say we will share social media comments and you have to figure out who this comment is for and foam them. They say the first comment is successful, stating that they can do nothing but others cannot? Women play only women's cards here. Pars guessed it as silky and sprayed it on. Salman says that Bipasha posted that if you have any issues you will have to face them, this is what he is doing. Arhan says it must have been Aarti. Aarti says that I know that I am a brave girl and I stand up for myself. Salman says that Bandu has written that he is a follower who can play in only one group. The parse sprinkles on the giant. Salman says you are wrong. Salman says that Kishore had said of someone that his life starts and ends with Paras. Sana spins on the expert. Salman asks the expert to guess for whom Bundu said he talks of treachery but he has deceived the silk. The expert assessed it with Irhan. Salman says Manu Punjabi said that I pray that God give him strength, Said advised him. Seed guessed it to be Asim.
Salman told the prisoners that we will now play balloon task. Asim tosses Syed's balloon as he thinks he is playing alone. Arhan tearing Syed's balloon for doing the wrong thing. Silk tosses Vikas's balloon because he thinks he can make a good cake but he can't. Everyone laughs. Vikas embraced her. Salman says very well. Sana tore Sid's balloon as he thought he would not speak to me, but he did. Bigga tosses the Persian balloon because he thinks I'm benefiting from the battles of others. Vishal blasted the Parisian balloon because he thinks he's making the show interesting. Madho threw away the development balloon because I could be a good balloon. Aarti smashes Sana's balloon because you can't take me out of the show. Sana says everyone has to leave. Shefali Jar tore Asam's balloon because he thinks he respects girls. Sid tosses Sana's balloon as she thinks it can only hurt her. Salman says that ohhh … Pars ripped off Asim's balloon because he thinks he does not curse others and his family. He told me to stay with Sana and stay away from specializing in work, he said he was making my way but he couldn't. Experts break Sana's balloon because she doesn't respect friendship. Vikas tosses Madhu's balloon because she's his friend and she's thinking wrong about it.

Salman combines the call with the week collar. Caller asks giant what is doing? You look confused. You have to try. Vishal says I am trying. The caller tells him to play freely, you have to play with confidence. He ended the call.
Salman says let's talk about elimination. The bottom two are giant and arched. What is coming out now is coming. He ended the call. Rashmi cries and says it's not possible. She hugs him.
Sanaa hugged Syed and said that you do not talk to me. Don't go sad. Salman reconnects the call and says that Arhan has survived. No one is leaving this week, but Arhan and Vishal are in the bottom two and the nomination will continue until next week. He ended the call.
Arhan embraces Asim. Arhan came to Persia. Paras says that I never went to the battle of Rashmi. Arhan says that we can fight all our battles but do not enter the fray of Rashmi. Pars says these two things were a message to you below. Arhan says I did less this week? Paras says you went back because of Rashmi.

Sade tells Sana that Asim's work was fun for you but it is putting you down for me. If you want to be near Paris then you look down, I don't like it, you are smart then why are you doing this? It burns my blood you're used to.

Reshmi tells Arhan to stay behind when Syed is saying anything. Asim says don't bring your words to yourself. Reshmi says that even if he wins the show, I will not forgive him, he cannot control his words but he will not lose his temper.

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