Bigg Boss 13 22nd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sid and Rashami’s fight goes to a personal level

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Silky cries and says that Syd is a drug, he's a 40 year old man but does he talk like that? I'll beat him today and go out. Salman connects the call. All the people headed to the lounge. Salman drinks his coffee and asks how is it going? Asim and silk are very bad. Salman says that we like him, this is the future of India. Very bright future, where should we go from here? I don't know how to get started. He asks Vikas. We are sorry about today, said Vikas. Salman says that you cannot control his personality. I am asking them to open the sultanate ring but they are afraid that you guys will cheat each other, it is your reputation, the team does not want to hurt anyone. Salman says, talk to me before you talk to me because this is your personality. If you honor me then respect each other. It's getting personal, we weren't even working but you guys fought. You guys are fighting for tea and fruit. Salman asked Asim to speak. Asim says Paras called me a *****, he went to my sister. Asim says I am angry and I cannot bear to say bad things about his family. When I say this, it is bad but no one says anything to them. Sid always talks about my family, he calls Rashmi his servant, his appearance allows him to beat us? We do not push. Sid says okay. Salman asked Paras. Pars says he is behaving as if he is not cursed, he told me a *****, he can send a curse on everyone he wishes. He can play his card of regret but he keeps talking about the standards of others, he is always in the right corner, I do not pay attention to him but he is barking. He recovers on the weekends so he's a good boy? No one knows about his family that we will talk about them. Salman asks Asim, does he not curse? Asim says why is he abusing my sister? They keep scolding me, Syed is a dawn, I can't ignore them. Experts support them even when they are cursing my sister? He did not support me but when I said something wrong, Shefly Jr. and the expert shot me. The specialist says he is calling me cheap and thinks I will speak for him. Asim says that I have just replied to Parse's comments. The expert says he said I'm cheap. Salman asks the expert whether Asim sends a curse into the house. Expert says everyone in the house gets cursed, he sends a curse in English and I trust him but he provokes everyone and will try to get sympathy again. Asim says he wants me to ignore everything, he keeps scoffing at me but I can't answer. They look bad when they hit me. Paras laughed. Salman asked Rashmi how many people target Asim? Reshmi says that Parsa turned his back on Syed, Mahira, and Vikas. Expert says she was lying face down. Silky screams don't tell me who's lying, I can tell the truth in the face, I'm not cheap like you, you should be quiet, if you dare, tell this guy to Sid that he is my character. Do not talk about, you are a cheap woman do you speak the truth? Did Sana break my finger for you and you call her jealous of you now? Expert says you have to understand. Salman asks Sana. Sana says that we are all alike and wrong, they push each other. Bigga says they emphasize the small things. Shefali Jar says that they push each other all the time, not a good thing. Salman asks Vikas what does she think? Vikas says that he has given a man so much power that he is nonsense and Asim has provoked silk. We could calm the situation but Asim came to Sid and Paras to fight him, he keeps playing the game of hunting, I can't keep up with him when he is wrong. They are playing a game without work. Salman asks Asim why he goes to them. Asim says if he goes anywhere he can continue to poke me. Silky says yes, he keeps growing. Asim says that Said made me laugh about Hameshi and her fiance, why is she taking her name when she is not here? If they blew me like this, I wouldn't ignore them. I have a lot but I will not ignore it. Salman says Asim will sit with Pars, Sid and Mahira. Asim says how can we avoid these comments? Sid has encouraged me a lot, the specialist is taking his stand. Why do they keep me awake when I say nothing? Salman asks Vikas? Vikas says that yesterday, Sad had told Asim that he would do what Asim had said, but Asim was angry with him. Reshmi said that Sid forced Sid to do the task and then Said called him a servant and then he said that the women in your house would be like that. Reshmi says he is lying, Syed first approved the opinion. Vikas says that Asim kept talking about it so Rashmi would be outraged. Reshmi says Said called me a servant, I just said that she was physically okay and then Sid called me a servant then I said yes, she said this is a curse then Said said you were like that. The girl, she said, commenting that he had not gone to bed. Reshmi says today he has commented that he will no longer take me home. Sayed no. Rashmi gave her a voice to stop ******, today I will kill you. Reshmi says she put her foot near my tea, I asked her to be removed and then she said she had left me home, I am not a ******, I have To put you above this show, it's about my character, he ripped off Erhan's shirt. Asim says he is not punished. Silk cried, saying that the seed is fake. Sid laughed. Vikas says that yesterday Sade was not mistaken but Silk penetrated him too much, Sid said of such girl. Asim says that Vikas left and did not know what Sid was saying. Reshmi says Vikas could have stopped Sadd, but he did not. Salman asks Asim that you ridiculed that Rashmi should massage on her knee when they call her a servant. Asim says I have not offended him. Salman says why did you resume that fight? Vishal says that Syed does not want to quit, he keeps saying the same words to provoke others. Salman asked Sid what he meant to the girl. Sude says I mean Rashmi Desai kind of girl, I didn't say anything else but that made it a problem. Salman says what did you mean? How do you see such a girl? Sid says I can't see it anymore. Salman says if you do not know why did you comment on this type of girl? Sid says that as she works at home, she plays the girl's card, she works indirectly, she touched me and then made it a problem. Salman asks Rashmi if she listens, what does she want? Reshmi says all the girls here do this, so does it mean that all girls are such girls? Sid says this kind of girl. Rashmi screams in full, "What do you mean by that?" Salman asked him to say the whole thing. He says he has stopped taking me home, am I ******. Syed went away. Vikas asked Rashmi to stop it. Reshmi says no girl has said anything to her, this expert when she said she was silent. Say not to say something that will open my mouth. Reshmi says he is afraid to say, he is a poor man. Sid says that I just said that to a girl but she's fulfilling the sentence, I didn't say anything. Silky says you mean all the girls here? Bigga says Said said the boys spit on us. Sid says the women played the playgirl card which is wrong. What does a girl's card say? We are fighting with you, O fool, if you have the courage to say, you are a coward. Salman is watching. Silk says that Sade gets physical with girls. Arhan and Asim saved me as soon as I was charged. He also ripped Irhan's shirt. Cries of silk. Salman says you want to extend this season by 5 weeks? I'm not ready for this sh **. I can't afford it, I can't host it. Everyone knows what that 'type of girl' means. Sayed no. Salman says you can rotate your talk as much as you want. Syed says no, I control my words, I mean I say. I never said anything extra. Salman asked Vikas what does this kind of girl mean? Vikas says he had said this when Arhan said that you treat women in your house so he said that there are no women of Rashmi type in our house but what he said today was wrong. ۔ He crossed the line today. Sude says we can take sources, but what I meant was that a girl's silk kind. Reshmi says he pointed to me. Salman says he doesn't like a certain type of girl. Reshmi says he said he knows my type. Salman said: Do you want a man of the kind? Reshmi says I will not twist it. Salman says Do you want it in your house? She says no Salman says if you want him to say nasty things then he is wrong. Reshmi says he rotates words. Salman says you called him a drug. Reshmi says he is a drug, he kept me hooked. He resumed it today, he continues to scoff us, if he is right I can throw a shoe on him. Sid says this kind of girl. Salman says you want people to see how you are watching on TV, I will not keep such people at home.
Salman asked Vishal why he got into their fight. Vishal says that when Syed started fighting, he caught everyone in the fight, I do not like him at all, he said that I am Madhu's side kick. Salman says you fight for yourself. Vikas says he started fighting Sid and then Said called him a Joker. It was a fight between silk and sid, Sid says wrong things in anger and then they keep dragging him. Asim started bouncing the seed. Salman said that Reshmi said that everyone enjoys and benefits from their fight. Sid says she knows me and what I do in my house so I said I left her in my house, I meant to take her home in the sense that in the past I used to come to my house. Reshmi says he said it incorrectly and then I threw tea at him and the girls behind him should understand that he said wrong, not every word is right. I can beat it and it will be positive, I will not take things on my role. Sid says I mean honestly. Arhan went from there. Reshmi says I never went to her house. Sayed what? Reshmi says I have never talked about your past here. Vikas heard his comment. Vic says that Sade was wrong today. Sid says she's taking my words out of context. Salman says that Sid to Good Sid has explained it. Sude says I just said that a silky kind of girl but she's imagining things. Pars says people want to say anything here. Reshmi says I've never said anything wrong to anyone, I'm not like this guy. Sid says what do you mean to this man? Reshmi told Salman that you would break his face too. If he gives you this opinion, it is not right, please Salman asked Rashmi if he lost the plot. Why do you keep talking about it? Reshmi says she started poking me. Salman says that you keep asking him this kind of girl, what do you want to hear from him? You want to hear that you're insensitive and malicious? Stop it, let it go. Cries of silk. Salman says he has called such a girl but he has not said anything offensive or *******. Why are you bringing your past here? what's this? He yells at her and says you know whose reputation will be damaged here, let her go, you know there is dirt in the box then why do you want to open it? Silk says I understand. Sid is looking. Salman says something sensible. Sayed says in the head you meant that this box was full of rage but only for them, tell them it wasn't for me, it was for them. Salman says what are we talking about now? This kind of girl and this kind of guy. Sid says I understand what you're saying. I'm referring to opening a dirty box. Sid says he'll call me a scumbag, and that will have an impact on me. Salman says who will be most impressed? Sid says both. Vikas says Rashmi. Why Sayed? I also have a family, I live in this community, it will get sympathy but I will get corrupt. Is Asim now loyal to him? Asim was aggressive towards him, when he fought me with Rashmi, he took me and said that when I play Rashmi women card I went with you. Asim says I did not say that. Asim said that silk plays a women's card, Salman says. Sood Applause. Rashmi says in this pavilion task. Pars says he was talking about a month ago. Reshmi says that Sade accused me and that he used a female card. Vikas says that Rashmi is sensible but this Asim provokes him, Rashmi did not go to this level, Asim is nervous. Sid says I talk to Vikas, people are crying and women are working with the card, I can't answer it but she can say anything she wants. I have not learned that in my house, my sisters fight me, I am young and I fight with my sisters but my family has never said that they are girls so don't do it. If two people are fighting between themselves, they fight. If a girl does not respect me then I will not respect her. Salman says if you do? Sayed then I will bear, I will also apologize when I am wrong. If 10 people are targeting me and doing wrong things, I will not change, I can be evil and I'm fine, I'm happy with myself. They tell me I won't get work, ”Vishal said. The giant said no. Reshmi says that Syed has sent me a curse here. Vishal says that Syed started poking me. Sid says that once Vishal said that he was a good actor without cause. Salman asked Vishal why he entered yesterday's battle. Vishal says Said blew me away. Vikas says Sid does not sink but they have all hit him very hard. Salman says that Vikas and Shilpa had a professional problem but Sid and Rashmi had a personal problem. Sid says he made it personal. Salman says I am going crazy now. When you were talking, I kept quiet so let me talk now. Vikas and Shilpa fought at home but it was not. Salman says the two of you are over, you are at home now and you cannot bear each other's faces or personalities. What is the solution? Do you want it to become national news? Don't overdo it, there are good actors but they don't get work because of their temperament so don't do it. Think about your life after this show. He ended the call.

In the house:
They tell Parasidad to end it, that's it. Sid says that after he fought with me, his group broke up so he started talking to me well but then Arhan came and now he has a big group because Asim is towards him. So she thinks she can do anything, the reality of it is out there, she doesn't have a sugar coat.

Sid Parsons and Expert tell me that they have made false accusations against me, I say nothing, so he told the production people bad about me, his problems were told to me and this useless? Paras says he wore a torn shirt, Paras laughed.
Reshmi tells Arhan that Paras does not understand that Sid cannot be loyal to anyone. Arhan says don't expect good from Persia.
Sana told Bigga that Rashmi and Sade could have a relationship.

Paras Sayed makes it clear that we do not prevent you from talking to anyone. Sid says I have explained it, people think that Pars is not allowing me to talk to Sana. Sid tells Sana that we were talking about the giant. Pars tells Sana that ****. Sana says you can send a curse, but I can't. "We weren't talking about you last night," says Pars. Sana says I was cursing Paris and not Sid. Sude says Sana doesn't think about me. Sana escapes to Sid. Paras says that yesterday when everyone was hitting Sadd, you were not with him. Sana says I've been with her from the beginning, both were wrong yesterday. Sid says I wasn't wrong yesterday. Sana tells Paras that I respect you very much. Pars says you have a problem with your thinking process.

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