Bigg Boss 13 22 December 2019 Video Episode Update (Sunday Sepcial)

Big Boss 13 December 2019 video Episode, Updated Update


Weekend specials
Salman welcomes everyone on stage. Salman says we have a lot of roles in the house and Sid started fighting, let’s see what happened.


Day 83
Six o’clock in the evening
Seed wipes when parse spoon. Vishal says why are you taking my name? You are a follower and a side kick as you called me. Sid says you are Madhu’s side kick, I’m very afraid of you. The expert laughed at seeing them. Sid puts his foot on the table. Moves the giant table. Experts say you look like an idiot, take your footage. Sid says I’m a spoon. Silk comes there. Sid has this kind of saying .. Silk says you can’t say it completely because you’re scared. Reshmi tells Vishal to come with her, Sid will get sick. Vishal says he is ill when he has to work. The silky and giant vacations are gone.

Reshmi asks Syed what kind of person is she? Asim says that Syed is dying alone, didn’t you find love in life? Sid says I’m sorry for Arhan and you. Asim says you are nothing. Shefali says you don’t care because you are not afraid of nomination, you used me when you want. Asim tells Syed that people have spit on you.
Arhan told Rashmi that we all know how you are. Silky screaming that he is calling me some kind of girl, what kind? That should be the whole point. Arhan tells her to be quiet. Reshmi says that he keeps talking about my role, I never say anything.


7:15 pm
Sana tells Aarti that I will not call Sid in my fight, I keep comforting him but he does not listen.
The chef called Asim a rat. Sid laughed.
Cries of silk. The giant says don’t cry. Make your anger your strength, voice your opinion. It wasn’t your fault.
Asim asked Syed what was he doing here? Vikas tells Sana that they are provoking Sood, Asim is not right. Sana asked Asim to stop the provocation. Sid laughed manually. Pars says she turned up again. Shefali says the brother told me not to trust Asim.

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