Bigg Boss 13 19th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Asim becomes the captain

Big Boss 13 December 2019 Written Episode, Updated Updates on

Day 81
12:30 pm
Sanaa hugged Said and said, "Don't neglect me." He says I'm not ignoring you. Paras smiled at them. Aarti asks Said to let go of his anger. Sid says let me go now. Sana says don't show me attitude. Sid leaves. Aarti asked what happened? Pars says he told me he doesn't give a s *** about Sid. He tells Sana that he wants your time too. Aarti says you never know when Sid gets angry so don't say those words. Sana says I should tape my mouth.

1:45 pm
Arhan and Vikas are cooking in the kitchen. Arhan says that Vikas does not eat what I am cooking. Vikas says I am cooking myself. Arhan says that I do not like the way you are talking, I am afraid of your words, you know about everyone here. Vikas says you are fine with everything. I'm wrong, I'm not a mastermind. Arhan says that we do not match your level. Vikas says you are a rich man, you are a diamond dealer, so leave me alone.

2 o'clock
Bigha studied captaincy. Aarti, Shefali Jar, Asim, Arhan, Vishal and Madhu will face off. The other prisoners will decide who will become the captain. There are 4 cars in the garden area. They will be run by Expert, Bigga, Sana and Vikas. The contenders will become travelers. The drivers will ride the contenders. The claimants will have to agree to accept up to 4 drivers. Cars will be parked, drivers will select 4 contenders, the other 2 will be out of work. Then the drivers will roam with the passengers when the horn is sounded then they will reassemble the car. The car, which eventually reaches the parking lot, will be out of work. The prisoners will not install any parking boards. There will be a referee of the Sidas task. Pars and silk have troubles so they can't play.

Vikas Pars asks if he has 6 options. Pars says I will support Asim and Aarti. Vikas says I will support Madhu and Shefali Jir.
The giant thinks of who she wants to be the captain.
Bigha asks Vikas to make Asim and Shefly Jerry.
Pars asks the giant to talk to Bigga for his support.
Arhan Bigga is coming to. Bigga says you don't want to support me?
Sana told Asim that I would be with you in this task and you would save me from the nomination. He says okay.
Arhan comes to Vikas and says we can fight but you can support me. Vikas says I am supporting my friends, you have abused me even today. Arhan says that we will talk later.

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