Bigg Boss 13 18th December 2019 Written Episode Update

Written Episode of Big Boss 13 December 18, 2019, Updated Updates on

Day 80
9:30 pm
All are gardens. Expert asks Sana whether she can use Said? Sana says you can, but if I use parse you can't afford it. Big Boss asks Syd who's out of the captaincy task? Sid says Team Reed chose Persia and Maher. Team Blue named Silk and Bigga. The Big Boss says the task will start shortly after cat nausea.

Vikas told Rashmi that we can please the garden.
Sid tells Sana that I fought for you, I was a judge but still, I fought for my friend, I tried to save your picture but you do not pay attention. Sana says you don't want to talk to me? Sid says I don't think so. Sana is fine.

Reshmi told Arhan that Bigga was calling me stupid. Vikas says you broke the plate. The giant says how to play? Arhan says I don't want to play or talk. Silk goes out.

At 10pm
Arhan told Rashmi that he never said that but I do not want to talk to you. Silky says why are you doing this? Arhan says I know you, you are very careful. Silky says don't go. Arhan says I'm not going anywhere, don't cry.

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