Bigg Boss 13 17th December 2019 Written Episode Update

Written by Big Boss 13 December 2019

Day 80
8 o'clock
The prisoners woke up to a singing cat. They all dance and see a big cat stuffed in the garden. Sana says we will be mice and the cat will eat us.

At 10am
Vishal tells Madhu that Syed has no brain, he is so negative, he is a bull with no brain.

Eleven o'clock
Sana tells Vishal that when I asked Paras, he said that the expert should become captain. Vishal says he is on top of it. why are you crying? Sana cries. Shefali hugged him and said that you are a good person, you have no expectations. The giant says to leave her, should I fight with her? Sana said yes, go and tell her to take my name for a while too.
Vishal comes to Paras and says that Sana is a centimeter for you so at least give it some importance. Asim says that you can make Mahira a captain, but you can tell Sana that you will support him in the captaincy work. She loves you. Parse says but I love the expert. Asim says but you can support Sana too. The giant says you don't miss it. Vishal comes to Sana and says we told her that you love her. Expert tells Persia to tell her that I have no problem with Sana, you can support her, she is my friend so don't make this triangle. Pars offers her food, she says I don't need it. Pars embraces her and says that I just love her. Expert says I feel like I'm coming between you, it makes me negative. She cries. Parse tells the giant to stop it. Vishal says that you do not see Sana in front of the expert.

12:30 pm
Paras tells the expert that if you have patience then you give up. Expert says when I told you not to support Sana? Sana is doing the wrong thing. I can fight with anyone, but that makes me look negative, I don't go to Sid and ask him to join me because I know he is his friend. Pars says he looks negative to you, but you prove that this is a false accusation.

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