Bigg Boss 13 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Vishal and Madhu get some severe punishment

Written Episode of Big Boss 13 Jan 15, 2020, Updated Updates on BiggBoss13Episode.Net

Day 109
8 o'clock
Prisoner awakening song Your hero is here. They all dance.

Aarti jokes with Sana and says where are your kids? Sana says he went to school. Aarti says where is your Shukla? Sana laughed and said that he had gone to work, he was stealing so please support our family. Aarti laughs and asks what are you getting as a gift? Sana says she divorced you to come to me. Aarti says he will divorce you after one month.

The chef asks Asim if he wants something in his yard. Sanaa says that if her back is hurting then massage her too. Asim says that I do not want to eat any more, I will make my own bread. Sana asked Shefali that they should sacrifice for us too. Shefali says no I just love Asim. The expert laughed.

Eleven o'clock
Shafali makes a loaf and gives it to Asim, she says affectionately. Asim says take it back, don't do it, it's getting cold. Shefali says I made this for you so keep it wherever you want. Shefali has also made heart with ketchup. Asim says that Shefali should roam for me. Shefali says I made it for love. Asim says you only want the footage.

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