Bigg Boss 13 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Sid gets angry over Arti’s decision

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Day 107
Hannah says they have to explain why you are better than others. Asma says Sana has turned up. Hina asked Aarti. Aarti says Sana cares for others, supporting the giant because she was weak in the nominations. She doesn't return. Reshmi says Sanaa just wants attention, this show is not about show drama all the time. He should take a stand for the right things, I can trust Asim but Sana's mood can change all the time. Hina asks the expert why Sana does not deserve this? Experts say I don't want to talk about it. Hina says you are showing that you have a problem. Expert says that we have no problem, Arti and Paras were good performers in the comedy task but I think Sana should win this job. Reshmi says I don't deserve more than Sana Aarti, Sana accidentally found out. Sid says people liked him, they voted for him. Hina says that we all know acting but it is a big thing for someone like Asim to stand here. "We did not expect Asim to do comedy because what he showed on the show is offensive," Paras says. Sana does everything, she acts, she plays and she also has fun. I don't like Sana but I think she should win a membership. Vishal says that Sana did not do any comedy; Asim had actually done a stand up comedy. Hana asks Sana if she is happy with them. Sana says I cannot change her mind, I do not want to keep Asim for the task. Asim says this house does not like me, I have naturally become friends; when I was insulted by someone, I took a stand. I didn't make friends for some reason or game. Sid laughed and said he was lying. Shefali says you have become my friend for this game. Asim says I had confidence issues with you but due to inhumanity I became your friend. Hina says I got your talk from Asim. Sana says I respect the show, I don't know if I will be beaten after this house show, whatever I show here is a fact. Hana says I want to tell you that this house is difficult, I salute your patience, you go and calm Said, it is very lovely, you put a lot of effort but You forgot yourself, put your honor first, Don & # 39; Let others think that you have influence. Now I will give it to Asim, I will see you asim. Sana shook her head. Hina tells Asim that he can now show his funny side. She gives him a jacket and hugs Sana. Asim is the first member of the Elite Club, Big Boss says. Hannah opens the club room. She asks Asim to use her wisely. Hannah hugs everyone and thanks them. Bigg Boss asks Asim whether he will use his waiver for this week as he has been nominated. Asim said no, I will use it later. Hina greeted them and left. Rashmi hugged Asim and congratulated him.

7:15 pm
Asim sits in the club room. Paras says the man got it because he took off his shirt. Asim says he should object to his business.

Aarti tells Sana that you turn to the one who put you down like this, we are always standing with you. The giant doesn't appreciate you. Sana says she thanked me. Aarti says he called you Philip and said he didn't need your help, you hurt your own people.

7:30 pm
Sana asked Vishal if he said he didn't need my help? Vishal says I was just against calling me weak. Silky says that you cannot tell her to be weak, so it is not okay to make her feel weak. Sid tells Aarti she also calls you a puppet. Aarti told Rashmi that you broke my faith too. Sana tells Vishal that I fought my people for your support, I took your name and you thanked me for that time. Vishal says I have trouble with this weak word. Sana told silk that you guys call me Sid thin but okay? Sana tells Vishal that you are a fake. Giant says okay and says lost. Sana said that you are a dog, there is no reason to take a stand. Silk says then take your stand, don't lie to yourself.

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