Bigg Boss 13 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update: No elimination this week

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Day 105
Eleven o'clock
Sad tells Sana to come in. Salman came for you. Sana says I want to go out, I'll talk to her later. Ask him to come here. Sid says that he is Salman Khan. Salman asks Syed to come in. He tells the prisoners that she is not a baby. Aarti brought the sensation inside. Sana apologizes to Salman and says I pointed to you. Salman says why are you beating yourself up? Sana says that I insulted you. Salman said you killed Syed, what will happen to him? Sana says I don't care. Salman says if you are like that you will have trouble. Do you think you are Katrina Kaif? Sana says I'm not proud. Salman said: Do you get jealous? Sana cries and says no, I'm not proud. The expert hugs her. Sana says I want to hug Salman, I am sorry. Salman says I don't care, it will only affect you. She hugs Salman and says sorry. Salman says okay. Sana says I thought you had come to pick up my bag. Salman laughed. Salman cut the cake with everyone. He says I have to tell you who I am taking from here today. Salman says Sana is going with me. Sana laughed and took her bag. She says I'm glad you're taking me out. Salman carried his bag. He hugged everyone and came into the garden. He hugged Sana and said that you were staying here. There is no end to it, we are rolling out nominations this week. Salman tells Sana that you are not stupid, are you in trouble? Sana said yes, Said does things. Salman said: Are you a girlfriend and a boyfriend? Sana laughed and said that we have a dedication, I don't care about others. Sanaa says Gautam used to sit alone in the house. Salman says he is now filming with me. He tells Sana that my sisters have never behaved like this, do not stubbornly command, do not ask for order, do not demand attention. Don't act like a child, now become an adult. You turn and then you have expectations. He hugs her and desires them. he goes.

12:30 pm
Sid brings food for Sana. Sana said no, I'm not eating. I don't want to be on the hit list again, my family must suffer. Syed says till yesterday you were fine here. Sana says why are you here? Sayed to get food. Sana says I have listened to Salman and I will follow him. Sid says you're very careful. Sana says I am sorry to kill you, they must have shown you the footage. Sayed says I am not saying anything. He laughs and says he beat you 4 times to me. Sana says let's stay away for our honor. People love me and do you think I'm proud? They wanted me out of this house but Salman came here.

1:45 am
Sana told Syed that I did not want to talk to you, you hurt me. Sid told him to sleep. Sana says I have no problem, you can talk to anyone you want. I will only talk to you when you are not talking to anyone else. Sid leaves.

Day 106
8 o'clock
Prisoners became fans of the song and woke up to the drama. Sana danced, watching Said.

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