Bigg Boss 13 12th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Salman gets angry on Sana’s childish behavior

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End of the day
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He says we can talk to them, but it's always less. We will continue today. He connects the call to the house. Salman gathers everyone for nominations. He says how did this happen? All nominated. Pars says the Big Boss demanded things that were more important to the people here. One has to go so no one needs to be saved. Salman says there were two teams, you were saying to save the specialist. "I thought my team would support it," Parris said. Aarti and Sana did not support it. Sana says the specialist is confident she will stay here. Experts say you have a misunderstanding of me. Don't talk about me Sana says he is asking me so I am answering. Experts say you are wrong about me. Sana says what is your problem? Experts say don't talk. Sana says the giant was at number two below so I took her name but then I was like saving someone and not saving things. Salman says that you wanted to save the giant because he was weak. Expert says that Sana liked Pars and then she was my friend. When Parse returned, he thought we would stop Sid from talking to him. He called me cheap yesterday. Salman says you have problems with Sana too. Experts say the problem is ongoing. Pars says we cannot rely on it. Expert says I have never wronged my friendship with him. Sana says she is my friend but she should not tell me about my game. I want to play my game We cannot rely on it, ”says Pars. Sana says I covered the expert because he had called me jealous but now I will do the aspects that I like. Her tone is not good, she thinks that she is above everyone else, she knows that if Parse goes away, I will be the first to go to her. Expert say don't say you have no problem. Pars tells you it's not me. You crossed a line and then I had to tell Perse not to talk to you. Parsa says Sana is more confident, people love her but she is in a different zone. Sana says I have never been proud of her. That's wrong Pars says she's unconscious, she just wants to appreciate it all the time. Reshmi says do not call it blasphemous. Salman asked the expert, are they okay? The expert cries. Salman says we have heard a lot of jealousy, let's do a test and ask the prisoners who is jealous. They bring the forms of the heart to the expert and sana. Telling prisoners who is more jealous. Asim says Sana loves Paras so he has a problem. He fills his heart. Reshma says Sana wants Syed's attention, he needs to be with her. Vishal says Sana is not insecure from Pars and Mahira but she does not like Syed's divided focus. He fills his heart. Madhu says Sana is loud but they both have issues. She also fills Sana's heart. Aarti says that Sana owns her people. He fills the heart. Sid laughed when it was his turn. Salman also laughed. Sayed says actually … Aarti was fine because Sana was hurt by the words of Pars. I don't spend a lot of time with the specialist but I don't like it. He says Sana has no respect. Reshmi says she can never be jealous. Do not explain what Sana says. Salman says why is the word used now? Sid's heart filled with expertise. Everyone laughs. Sid tries to hug Sana but he pushes her and says no one comes close to me. Salman says then who will praise you? Sana cries and says that I have killed myself a lot for that word. Salman says what happened? Sana says you tell me what makes me jealous? Salman says you are jealous, you are winning this game. Sana cries and says I don't want to stop. Experts say I can't cry like that. It's fake. Sana says I need 5 minutes. Salman says there are chefs after this. Shefali fills Sana's heart. Salman cries like Sana. Shefali says Sana is linked to Syed. Pars says to Sana that you have any problems with this word so I will put this expert in the heart of the expert. Salman says do your job. Pars fills Sana's heart. Sana says I don't care about Parse. She cries and says that I don't care about Syed too. Salman says listen … Sana said no. Salman shouted to him and said, "Don't make this drama with me, I respect you so you respect me." Sana says I want to leave. Salman says you are not a child. Sana says throw me out, I want to leave with respect. Salman says respect in front of me. He ended the call.

At the house, Sana sits near the gate and tells Sid to leave. She says that you have lost my respect. Said said: Listen to me. Sana says I am not eligible to join the show, I am worried about the word.
Shefali hugged the specialist. Experts say they are forging the whole drama.
Sana tells Syed that I am not jealous of her. Reshmi tells Sana that she's doing more. We know you're not proud. Sid says don't do it, I told you not to do that. She gave him a voice to stop saying this.
Pars tells the specialist that she is doing more. Experts say that now Salman has also seen his truth. Shefali says she's throwing a fit.
Aarti tells Sana that we didn't use abusive words. Sana says I have to leave, I cannot lose my honor. Salman joins the call and asks everyone to come in. He tells Sid to be careful, she loves you, that's bad. Sid says I've seen it. Salman says let him out. She is the stubborn child, she is the proprietor, you have to tell her that it is bad, after the show it is for you and her. Would not be good He ended the call.
Sana tells Syed that I have to go out, I have dishonored Salman Sir. I have to go out.
Paras tells Vishal that I spoke to her the week before, but since then she has been jealous of the specialist.
Sana told Syed that I could no longer face Salman. I don't fake it. Sid says they can say anything. Sana says that I pointed to Salman and denied him, I have to go now.
Paras tells the giant that I saw Sana from the secret room, she told Rashmi that the specialist was tampering with the giant when I was not her and the specialist was looking for a new lover. Sid comes in and asks Paras not to talk to Salman about it.

On stage:
Salman says a lot is happening. He reconnects the call. Reshmi tells Sana that we have to control our emotions. Salman says that she wanted to make Parse jealous and went to Sid and now he is connected to her, she is acting like a stubborn child, which is not a good thing. What is happening? He asked the giant what was your problem? Vishal says this was not the first time. Salman says that whatever happened between you and Madhu was your case, you cannot talk to him like that, you love him and you ask him to be lost. Vishal says she curses me. Salman says you are both on TV. Madhu says he was abusive. Salman says that he did not hit you with a chapel, he just touched you. Salman says the two of you have a deep connection, why are you messing with the bad things. Both have the wrong attitude. Sana'a is still in the garden. Salman says why ask the Big Boss if you have an ambiguous relationship? You asked Big Boss to send him out, he gave you a chance but you didn't go out to Madhu. Others are using the chapel and slapping. He showed Madhu hitting the giant so Mahira slapped Paras while Sana hit Sipal with a slip and Syed grabbed Sana. The clip ends. Salman says this is not right. Sid laughed. Salman says that this is not a funny thing, you stick to Sana, people think you have hurt her and she has beaten herself. Will you make him a prophet after the show? It is not right. How do we decide which game is and what is your personal issue? This is not a TV show, it is a reality show. You guys are slapping them indirectly. Sid says he was joking so I hopped him down because I wouldn't let him go every time. Salman says Sana looks wrong, we can't let go every time. Sid says that you said that I had cut off Sana with Persia and that she had fought with me for two days. Everyone laughs. Salman told Syed that you have to be careful because people are watching the club without context. He ended the call.

On stage:
Salman welcomes Deepika Padukone Deepika greets her. Salman says your movie has been praised. Deepika talks about her film and how Lakshmi became an inspiration. Salman says you went in and they fought for you. Deepika says I have not seen any negative inside. Salman welcomes Lakshmi and Vikrant. He greets them. Salman tells Lakshmi that you are an inspiration to Deepika. He may have a baby soon. Deepika says you should get married first. Salman says I am a child, Vikrant should get married. Vikrant says I am getting married. Salman laughed. Salman asks Lakshmi what was her experience at home? She says good I wish I could sing with you. She sings my story with Salman. He hugged her and sang. Lakshmi says I want you and Deepika to cook for me. They all do a cooking contest. Lakshmi helps Salman. The audience eats it. They vote for Salman's food. Deepika says Lakshmi had launched a campaign to ban acid. Lakshmi says that we have to remove the acid from our brains. Salman wore a campaign band with him and hugged him. Deepika left with her team.

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