Bigg Boss 13 10th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Shefali Zari and Asim fight over Bhau

Big Boss 13 December 2019 Written Episode, Updated Updates on

Day 73
8 o'clock
The prisoner woke up to a black fountain. They all dance. Shefali Zari hugged Vikas.

8:45 am
Madhu hugged the sleeping giant. Paras looks at her and says it's a good thing, kiss her, she's yours. Madhu kissed the giant's cheek. He smiled. Madhu slept on his bed.

9 o'clock in the morning
Growing apple bites. Sid says he hasn't even washed it. Pars says he doesn't bathe for five days. They have improved since the show. I met him at a party, he was showing me attitude, I was not with him.

9:30 pm
Reshmi asks Arhan to cook for her. Sid saw her and said she needed friends who would follow her and become servants. Pars says I didn't say it. Sid says that you have literally become his servant. I do not understand that you do not like it, you do not find a girl but still, you are working for it? Why? Paras says you know the nature of it but I didn't. Sid says I saw her movements, I thought well of her but then I saw her with people and how she treats them. It shows a lot about his personality.
Arhan took the cheese from Rashmi's drawers. Paras and Sid saw it. Sid says how did they find the cheese? We won it, but how did it get there? Paras says that silk is a great thief, we will find many things in its drawers. Sid says it's garbage, how are they eating it? They will vomit.

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